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or email: orders [- at -] merchtable [- dot -] com

ALL PRESS / PROMO RELATED CONCERNS: liz [- at -] earsplitcompound [- dot -] com

*Where do I send my demo?

Preferably to a different label, I strongly discourage you from sending me anything.

*How about if I send you some mp3’s or a link to our myspace?

Please do not do this, I will not respond.

*My band/label is looking for distribution, can you sell our stuff in your webstore? Do you trade releases?

Not at this time.

*Can you set up a show for my band?


*My store/distro wants to carry your CDs/LPs, and other wholesale questions.

Tankcrimes is distributed by THE ORCHARD in North America and PLASTICHEAD in UK/Europe. Please contact them for wholesale orders. They are both very awesome and professional and there are many other killer records available from them.

*Can you tell me when _________ record will be released?

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*How do I do it yourself?

I use PIRATES PRESS for all of our vinyl and cds. MAMMOTH SOUND MASTERING for mastering. Jackets/sleeves and inserts are either done through PIRATES PRESS (gatefolds and standard jackets), MONOLITH PRESS (screen printing) and/or ECONOPRESS (offset posters, inserts and ep covers) depending on the job. Cassettes are done at NAC. I highly recommend all of these fine independent businesses.


I read all this and you still didn’t answer my question:

Please, last-resort only!!:

No questions about web store orders,

No questions about web store orders,

No questions about web store orders, go back to the top of this page for that info.

It could take a couple weeks for a response.

scotty [- at -] tankcrimes [- dot -] com

po box 3495
Oakland, CA 94609